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My work arises from a keen interest in Sociology: how we function, integrate, what motivates us, fundamentally what makes people who they are. For instance, I often find myself asking where does an individual end and society begin? Moreover, with regards to the individual, I am also interested in Kant’s idea of the Sublime: how the act and experience of observing an object is Sublime rather than the object itself.

I am also interested in changes within the city, both its people, buildings and neighbourhoods, and how this impacts social structures and creates space for burgeoning cultural shifts. Furthermore I am concerned with dormant underground cultures and creating temporary malfunctions within given social contexts, thus challenging the validity and legitimacy of social behavioural norms and expectations.

Immersion is also an important aspect of my practice. Lately I have made work for places that people often find themselves passing through, such as walkways and hallways. Here I am concerned in initiating ephemeral experiences, hoping to make those passing through feel self-aware by evoking those awkward moments we would soon rather forget. I highlight these concerns by combining art and popular culture in various mediums in an attempt to create a portrait of a space, whether physical or metaphorical.

I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland and I am currently a studio resident at The Number Shop. My work has been exhibited in various gallery settings across Scotland as well as venues such as the Wee Red Bar and the Barrowland Ballroom. I have also been involved at events such as MTV’s EMA Light Show in George Square and has even staged a multi-screen intervention in a Cash Generator in Trongate, Glasgow.

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